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Font details

Trance FJ™ is the first colaborative display typography of this 2020❣. Trance FJ™ is a display typography that characterizes, for having reverse contrast and play with the exaggeration of shapes and counterforms from the same typography. Conceptualized and designed originally by Jorge Morales Salas, produced and extended by Franco Jonas Hernández, collaborating Valentina Pino Faúndes and Rodrigo Araya Salas.

Also, Greek and shadow variable version has been designed only available by his distributor of favorite typefaces 🤯

Glyph Count
686 Characters
Language Support
303 Languages
Available formats
.ttf, .otf, .woff, .woff2, .eot, .svg
Designed by
Jorge Morales Salas, Franco Jonas Hernández, Valentina Pino Faúndes, Rodrigo Araya Salas
Release date
Download specimen(360.56 kb)

OpenType Features

  • Aqua Queen KiloStylistic AlternatesYou've bunch options! 🤪
  • Tyler listen LO.Discretionary LigaturesLIGALIGALIGA
  • yeah? OUTFOX!Titling AlternatesAndo then, more options


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