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In FRNCOJONAS Studio, our focus is the Typography, that's it.


FRNCOJONAS® specializes in crafting meticulously designed typefaces to address contemporary visual communication challenges. Furthermore, we seamlessly integrate this expertise with the field of Brand Identity, creating a synergistic approach.

FRNCOJONAS | Typography & Graphic Design was founded by Franco Jonas in 2019 and is based in San Joaquín, Santiago de Chile & Vancouver, Canada.

Our worldview and ethics is to understand Typography as the discipline that studies the expression of language, it is the visual tone for communication, a linguistic sign that responds to part of a certain "reality", this "reality" is dynamic and constantly changing, it is dynamic and constantly changing.

From that, we see it as an opportunity to "resignify" that sign and give it value, personality, elaborating a scenario beyond the simple text, providing a conceptual and aesthetic framework to each project, in a creative and innovative way, for those who want to have "their own voice and experience" in the digital world.

Our catalog of typefaces includes diverse and carefully selected typefaces suitable for a range of uses, from small and functional to large and decorative. In the future, they will be available under license for use in physical and digital applications, in our own e-commerce avoiding distribution by oppressive and unfair multinational distributors.

We have designed fonts and custom work for international clients such as Proud Brewery Co, Government of Chile, several Latin American foundries and for small commissions and projects.

Our work has won numerous awards and recognitions such as LAD Awards | Latin American Design Awards, Latin American Typography Biennial | Tipos Latinos and a couple of other sites.


Graphic Design

  • Art Direction + Brand
  • Design Systems
  • Logos & Lettering
  • Production & Editorial Desing
  • Cover Design E-Books
  • Web Design


  • Retail & Custom Typefaces
  • Typeface Families Extensions and extensions to other scripts such as Cyrillic and Greek
  • Type+Brand
  • Type Consultancy
  • Hinting & Kern Services
  • Font Engineering
  • QA Typefaces


Franco Jonas

Franco Jonas, is a Type and Graphic Designer born in Santiago de Chile, currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Franco boasts more than four years of expertise in the fields of Type Design, Lettering, Art Direction, and Branding. His primary objective is to deliver tailored solutions to clients, whether in the digital or print realm. Franco is a seasoned professional when it comes to all aspects of typography.

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Whether you require a fresh logo design or seek to enhance a custom typeface, whether you need a script tailored to your specific audience, adjustments, coding, or fine-tuning, we have the expertise to ensure your typography meets your exact requirements.

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Website designed by Franco Jonas & Javier Reyes.

Throughout this website we use our FJ Küyen for the design.

We are based in Santiago, Chile & Vancouver, Canada.

This website is presented in English because we aim to reach a global audience, showcasing our viewpoint, perspective, and creativity as an independent Latin American designer. Additionally, We‘re excited to share the work of like-minded colleagues and friends who share our vision.