FJ Platz Groteske

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96 px

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Font details

FJ Platz Groteske™ is our first typeface of project that culminates after almost 5 years of learning and development —I'm still working and improving this tho—. FJ Platz Groteske™ is a Neo-grotesk font with slight geometrical proportions with humanistic terminations. For this occasion, this font will show the normal version, however, the entire project contemplate condensed family, extended and the development of alphabets as Cyrrilic and Greek. This proposal is to improve the legibility in the Neo-grotesk fonts with generous gaps, vertical and square counter form and ascendents that exceed slightly the capitals. Counts with old numbers, small caps, modern numbers, tabular, numerators and denominators to fraccions, reference numbers to notes and formulas to face confidant and complex different stages. Ideal to editorial projects of informative content—scientific and titular of a huge impact because of the various alternative characters, stylistic options and a optometrical version to risky designers.

Glyph Count
729 Characters
Language Support
219 Languages
Available formats
.ttf, .otf, .woff, .woff2, .eot, .svg
Designed by
Franco Jonas Hernández
Release date
Download specimen(360.56 kb)

OpenType Features

  • volcano valleySmall Caps
  • C6H12O6SuperscriptFor glucose formula
  • OffkrakentzDiscretionary Ligatures
  • Angol & MallecoStylistic Set 01Playful alternates
  • Rough WorkStylistic Set 02Geometric Optometric version
  • HangglidersStylistic Set 03Traditional way
  • Maihue—(5463)Stylistic Set 05White Capsular Numbers
  • µm[34500]Stylistic Set 06Black Capsular Numbers
  • ÜberfletkitzTitling Alternates+ MOREEE!


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