FJ Meduza Collection Display

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FJ Meduza Collection Display™ is a typographic system created from the reflection and exploration of concepts such as "ductus and contrast" with respect to the classic model of the Modern or Didona typefaces of the 19th century or Didonas of the 19th century. A "Bodonian" typeface system with Venetian proportions is proposed, where its rational construction is modified by means of the serif, the height of 'x' is increased, the modulation of the letters is moved, to finally achieve a more organic language and a typographic gray suitable for continuous reading uses, and for headlines, achieving a versatility that distinguishes it from the classic didonas. It has a wide repertoire of Ligatures and OpenType functions to give the typeface personality and be a useful tool for editorial uses.

Glyph Count
645 Characters
Language Support
312 Languages
Available formats
.ttf, .otf, .woff, .woff2, .eot, .svg
Designed by
Franco Jonas Hernández
Release date
Download specimen(360.56 kb)

OpenType Features

  • Avant GardeStylistic Set 01
  • → [Coatí)*:Titling Alternates
  • THE METDiscretionary Ligatures
  • In late 1962Oldstyle Figures
  • ¡Where! ¿Hoy?Case Sensitive Forms


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