ReBrand — Estudio Vicencio*

Estudio Vicencio

This assignment is asked in a peak moment that actually Estudio Vicencio is. It’s vinculated in seminars and charts of innovation and strategic design that conglomerate a lot enterprises and design studios.
   The main objective is to give it a new air, to have presence in the already mentioned spaces. It conssit in develope a stencil version of the label and work diverse applications, inside the change process, came up a lot of corrections from the modulation angles and weights of the letters in the brand.
   The biggest challenge was develipe a functional and unique vestion, different from the older versions made by the studio —a label o brand for small sizes and other for big size—, with the objective that dont loose the sofistication of the image starting from the stencil and charging with a high aesthetic value.

This project made in Estudio Vicencio