proud Grotesk FJ_ Custom Typeface

artbureau studio to
Pivovar Proud Brewery

🥉🎗 Bronze Medal & Shortlist, LADAWARDS 2022.
Latin American Design Fest, Lima, Peru.

In 2020, Jakub Wdowka & Barbora Vostradovská —— contact me to Customize a discontinued Typeface for a new Brand for Pivovar Proud Brewery in Plzeň, Czech Republic. The design consisted in keeped and develop a grotesk typeface, contributing a “raw” attraction ideally stetic for titles and all the graphics applications for the factory, such as printed material —testing notes and labels—, website and wayfinding system. We developed six variants, four styles for texts and two stencils styles.
   proud Groteske FJ™ became the "voice" of Pivovar Proud 🍻. As frncojonasStudio, we've been very proud of being part of this project and be chosen by Jakub & Barbora to give and participate in this new identity/brand for a small experimental brewery in the other side of the world 💌.

Acknowlegdment: Jakub Wdowka,
Barbora Vostradovská, Valentina Pino, Sergio Leiva, Alexis Navarro
& Magdalena Arasanz.

©Marek Bartoš to Pivovar Proud Brewery & ©Pivovar Proud Brewery.