Professional Practice Dossier Estudio Vicencio

Client: Autoself

Documentary report that materializes the professional process, valid as a Professional Practice Report for the Design School of the Universidad Metropolitana del Estado de Chile (UTEM), which aims to show the development process of some projects carried out in the months of April and June.
   For whom this publication writes, within Estudio Vicencio, it consists of a group of designers oriented mainly to develop graphic design projects, special editorial, identity and typographic projects. Estudio Vicencio's commitment is to become part of the projects it develops, in order to obtain unique products in functionality and aesthetic value. In addition, list, display and project various work methodologies, with which various design projects are carried out within Estudio Vicencio. It is important to express the importance and vitality of a discipline such as typography to develop any proposal linked to these contexts, "visual sensitivity" as the main axis that should be taken as a primary resource when addressing editorial projects, with special emphasis on macro and microtype.