Convención FJ_Custom Typeface

Estudio Bercz to
Communication Team of
Convención Constitucional
de Chile

Estudio Bercz contact me for licensing, customize and developed an typefamily extesion «Platz Groteske FJ» how part as of a new communicational proposal and design system for Communication Team of Convención Constitucional de Chile (english: Constitutional Convention), the Convención Constitucional is the constituent body of the Republic of Chile in charge of drafting a new Political Constitution of the Republic after the approval of the national plebiscite held in October 2020.
   The commision entail in developed a Condensed version of our typeface for a huge graphics applications due to great communicational magnitude on Chile like RR.SS, webs, broadcasting, printed difusion. How Franco Jonas and|Team, we're very proud for be a part of this historical work on growth in our country, where we're feel that unequivocally it's gonna be a important achievement for Chile.

Design: Franco Jonas
Production: Franco Jonas
& Alexis Navarro

Acknowlegdment: Dany Berczeller, Manuel Córdova, Alexis Navarro.

Illustrations by
©Manuel Córdova and others
for Estudio Bercz.

Photographys by
©Equipo de Comunicaciones
Convención Constitucional.