ARQ 102 Magazine Cover

Ediciones ARQ to
Estudio Vicencio

The commission consisted of developing the cover for the ARQ Magazine of the Facultad de Arquitectura of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, with almost 40 years of experience in the world publishing architecture acquaintance in its 102nd version in August 2019.
   Concept, speculation, of the Latin «observing from above». «In both cases, the speculator is able to see in advance, someone who observes what is happening and concludes the probable scenarios that this can determine; speculation as an observation charged with accumulated knowledge that allows a serious reading of the possible and with this anticipate what can happen». Consequently, an interaction of various graphic proposals similar to the “stock-market” of the screens of the stock exchanges of the world was made, referring to the work of supposing or projecting. The cover is printed in PANTONE Black 6C and PANTONE 803C.

This project made in Estudio Vicencio